Sarasoft Integrated Imaging System SIIS 5.5

New Features in Version 5.5

  • Support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Informix in one package.
  • Multi database support allows the system administrator to create as many departments on any supported SQL server.
  • Audit trail for security and activity reports.
  • CD Publisher allows users with administration privileges to take a snap shot of folders and documents and write it to a CD or any portable media.
  • CD Viewer to view the database snap shots taken by CD publisher without having to connect to the SQL server.
  • Fully bi-lingual customizable GUI.
  • Support for MP3 -- Windows XP only --

SIIS Features

  • Client/Server architecture.
  • Support for MS SQL, Oracle, and Informix.
  • Fully customizable bilingual user interface.
  • Plug-in architecture.
  • Security  and administration tools for managing users, groups, and access privileges. 
  • Ability to manage more than 60 different types of files like TIFF. JPEG, BMP, WMF, Word, Excel, HTML, XML, AVI, MIDI, WAV, PDF and more.
  • Documents are stored as compressed BLOBS on the server for faster access  and better use of network bandwidth.
  • Document routing enables the users of SIIS to share and route documents while maintaining security.
  • Total integration with the desktop allowing the user to process shared documents with the tools they are familiar with like WinZip, E-Mail, Word, and Excel.
  • Document annotation with more than 16 types of markers like lines, circles, rectangle, polygons, and stamps.
  • Document history is available at a click of a mouse.
  • Advanced built-in viewers for all supported documents.
  • Audit trail and audit reports.
  • Search documents by date, keywords, description or by name.
  • Unlimited flexibility in designing and maintaining the document hierarchy tree.
  • Unlimited number of folders per database.
  • Custom database fields and custom search.
  • Automated archiving of documents.
  • and much more ...

  Fully working evaluation copy of SIIS 5.5